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4 Summertime Tips For Preserving Your Tires

Although it might seem as if your tires would wear out more quickly from driving over ice and snow during the winter, the truth is that tires actually wear out more quickly during the summer months. There’s something about the heat and exposure to sunlight that can put serious wear and tear on your tires, […]

How Car Haulers Affect the Sale of Cars

There was an estimated 16.5 million new cars and light trucks which were sold in the United States in 2014 and this figure is expected to rise in 2015 as the economy continues to recover. However, there are factors that affect how well this industry continues to boom and one of them is the delivery […]

Common Sources Of Car Electrical Problems

Modern cars aren’t just mechanical machines; they also have lots of electronics and electrical wiring. Therefore, if you want to be conversant with your car’s common problems, you shouldn’t just focus on mechanical problems. It also pays to know a thing or two about electrical issues. Some of the common electrical problems include: Battery-Related The […]